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Few days back I read some where ” we all have time, its the direction we need” and that is so true.

Two weeks earlier I was very clear, determined and clear about what to do with me and my life. But in last few days, I am getting different options and now i am not sure which road to take and which road to leave. I am in mess again and i dont like it.

I am unable to focus on reading books, on…

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what i am: the days and the nights

what i am: the days and the nights


At 9:00 pm today i started to ready “Payar ka Pahla shehar” by Mustansir hussain Tarrar. and it came as a surprise for me that i still very fluent in urdu reading and completed that novel by 12:am in just one sitting.

The story is settled between a tourist “Sanan”, a half British half French girl “Pascal” and a prostitute “Jennie”.

A story of three days… which seem like years when you read the…

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Nikalay teri Talash Main

i dont know why but i could not find any well suited title for this post of mine. Last day i went to Lahore International book exhibition at expo and came out with 9 books in hand. I Bought following books:

  1. Nikalay teri Talash Main (Mustansir Hussain Tarrar )
  2. Payar ka Pahla Shaher  (Mustansir Hussain Tarrar )
  3. Dastan Ainma Faroshon ki (3 books set)
  4. Or Aukhay Log (Mumtaz Mufti)
  5. Gertude
  6. one more…

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