who am I

I am open yet close
I am organized  yet messed up
I am an optimist yet a pessimist
I am full of energy yet dull
I am happy yet sad
I smile yet cry
I live yet die
I share yet hide
I love yet hate
I am good yet bad
I am straight yet entwined
I am romantic yet practical
I am sane yet insane
I am white yet black

These are my colors and this is who i am.

“A self proclaimed philosopher” 

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A casual talk with Kristian Evju

A casual talk with Kristian Evju

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Kristian Evju

In March 2014 Mr Kristian Evju visited Lahore, Pakistan for an exhibition. I unfortunately didn’t get the chance to visit the exhibition and meet him due to some reasons, but later on i got an opportunity to talk to him on facebook, which turned out to be quite interesting. I have been thinking of sharing this chat with you guys for quite a time and hence the day arrived :)

I really…

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